Project Details​

  • Project Type: Homeuse Ground Mounting PV System.

  • Project Power:8KW.

  • Solar Panel:EITAI Half Cell Mono 460W.

  • Solar Battery:EITAI 51.2V 200AH Powerwall Battery(Customized logo and product appearance color).

  • Solar Inveter: Growatt Hybrid Inverter 8kw.

  • Location: Netherlands.

  • Finished Date: December 19th,2022.

  • Customer’s Feedback:The EITAISOLAR hybrid solar system is the most convenient and cost-efficient system I encountered in my search for the best hybrid solar system. The total system was very useful and easy to operate with so many useful features in plotting my desired setup,They also support customizing the logo and color of the storage battery. But most of all, I commend Miss Winnie Chen for being such a nice and very accommodating agent. All my doubts and worries were gone, from the product selections, billings, and freight forwarding were all organized by her.

Project Display​

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