Denmark, Sweden and Finland will install 12.8GW of photovoltaic systems!

According to a research report recently released by the Norwegian research institute Rystad Energy, the installed capacity of photovoltaic systems installed in Denmark, Sweden and Finland will reach 12.8 GW by 2030. The Nordic region will become the renewable energy center of Europe, and the installed capacity of onshore wind power generation facilities will account for the majority of the new 61.5 GW of renewable energy.


Rystad Energy predicts that Denmark is expected to lead the development of photovoltaic industry in Northern Europe. By 2030, Denmark will add 9GW of photovoltaic systems, followed by Sweden (3GW) and Finland (0.8GW). Sweden has set a target of 65% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Finland and Denmark set targets of 51% and 55% respectively.

Francesca Bj ø rnflaten, senior analyst of Rystad Energy, said: “At present, more than 90% of the electricity (including nuclear power) in Northern Europe comes from renewable energy, and it is an important region that exports electricity to other European countries. With the increase of renewable energy investment and power generation in the region in terms of geography, technology and management experience, this trend will be further strengthened.”

The number of green hydrogen projects in Northern Europe is also expected to increase significantly. Denmark, Sweden and Finland have announced plans to install nearly 40 independent hydrogen energy projects, which are scheduled to start operation in 2030 or earlier.

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