Eitai appeared at Solartech Indonesia International Solar Energy Exhibition

From March 6th to 8th, the Solartech Indonesia energy exhibition opened grandly at the Jakarta Exhibition Center. Eitai photovoltaic energy storage product solutions were unveiled and shined at the exhibition site.

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As the largest and most comprehensive energy and power equipment exhibition in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia, Solartech Indonesia attracts thousands of people in the energy industry to gather every year to discuss and exchange cutting-edge technologies in the industry, making the scene very lively. Eitai participated in the Indonesian energy event with its energy storage products, established “face-to-face” connections with customers in Indonesia and around the world, and attracted countless fans with its excellent product performance.

The 5 best-selling products on display this time: Eitai wall-mounted lithium batteries, liquid-cooled energy storage batteries, lead-acid batteries, low-voltage chassis-type lithium batteries, and high-voltage chassis cabinet products can be easily applied to common energy storage scenarios such as household, industrial and commercial; At the same time, it integrates “efficiency, beauty, and safety” to provide local users with more valuable and diverse choices.

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Eitai "lights up" the light of Indonesia

Eitai’s global strategic layout is increasingly improving, and its star energy storage products are reaching more and more countries and regions. This Indonesian exhibition will conduct an in-depth inspection of the Southeast Asian photovoltaic market, comprehensively demonstrate the advantages of eitai energy storage products to local new and old customers and establish contacts.

Of course, it’s not just Indonesia. Eitai is also actively developing its global footprint, striving to win more recognition from global customers through high-quality products and services, a complete industrial chain, and leading photovoltaic technology, and continue to drive the world forward greenly.

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