Eitai Storage Battery Participate In The 2023 Indonesia SOLARTech Exhibition

On March 2-4, 2023, Eitaisolar residential energy storage lithium-ion battery products were successfully exhibited at Jl. Benyamin Sueb, Kemayoran Jakarta 10620 at booth NO.A2K3-05. Many customers visited our exhibition and showed great interest in our powerwall type ELESHELL-LV and high voltage type ELEBOX-HV series.


EITAI energy storage battery system adopts safe lithium iron phosphate chip, with a cycle life of more than 6000 times, IP65 waterproof function, supports wall and ground installation, supports OEM/ODM, provides rechargeable energy storage solutions, and can be charged by public utilities or solar energy.

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EITAISOLAR offers a wide range of battery storage solutions tailored to various needs. The battery solutions offered by eitai provide an efficient solution for households, as well as commercial and industrial purposes. Intelligence also forms part of these solutions to help provide not only a sustainable solution but also a safer choice.

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