Energy storage lithium battery packs in household and commercial applications

Application of energy storage lithium battery pack in household energy storage and commercial energy storage. Lithium battery packs are increasingly used in communication base station energy storage, home energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage. As a forward-looking technology to promote the development of the new energy industry in the future, the energy storage industry has shown great development potential in different application scenarios such as new energy grid-integration, electric vehicles, smart grids, microgrids, distributed energy systems, home energy storage systems, and power supply projects in areas without electricity, and the market prospects are very broad.What is the magical power of distributed photovoltaic roofs that can be popular all over the world?

The energy storage system is to store the currently unused or excess electric energy through a certain specification of lithium battery pack, and then extract and use it at the peak of use, or transport it to a place where energy is scarce for reuse. The energy storage system covers household energy storage, communication energy storage, grid frequency regulation energy storage, wind and solar storage microgrid energy storage, large-scale industrial and commercial distributed energy storage, data center energy storage and photovoltaic power generation business in the field of new energy. In addition, the energy storage system will partially carry the echelon application of some on-board power lithium battery packs in the future.

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Application of energy storage lithium battery pack in household energy storage

Household energy storage battery system is divided into solar household energy storage power supply, multifunctional household energy storage battery system, high-power energy storage power supply, portable household energy storage battery, outdoor household energy storage battery, household energy storage power supply, 12V household energy storage power supply, 24V household energy storage power supply, 48V household household energy storage battery. Portable household energy storage lithium battery pack system customization is very flexible, energy storage electrical portable household energy storage lithium battery manufacturers can customize different voltages according to your needs.

Home energy storage systems are currently divided into two types, one is grid-connected home energy storage system and the other is off-grid home energy storage system. Home energy storage lithium battery packs allow you to access safe, reliable and sustainable energy and ultimately improve your quality of life. Household energy storage products can install home energy storage lithium battery packs whether in photovoltaic off-grid application scenarios, or even in homes without photovoltaic systems.

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Home energy storage lithium battery pack has more than 10 years of service life, modular design, multiple energy storage units can be more flexible parallel connection, simple, fast, greatly improve energy storage and utilization.

The grid-connected home energy storage system consists of five parts, including: solar array, grid-connected inverter, BMS management system, lithium battery pack, and AC load. The system adopts photovoltaic and energy storage system hybrid power supply. When the mains power is normal, the load is powered by the photovoltaic grid-connected system and the mains power; When the mains power is cut off, it is jointly supplied by the energy storage system and the photovoltaic grid-connected system.

The off-grid home energy storage system is independent and does not have any electrical connection to the grid, so the whole system does not need a grid-connected inverter, and the photovoltaic inverter can meet the requirements. Off-grid home energy storage system is divided into three working modes, mode 1: photovoltaic provides energy storage and user electricity (sunny days); Mode 2: PV and energy storage batteries provide users with electricity (cloudy days); Mode 3: The energy storage battery provides the user’s electricity (evening and rain).

The application of energy storage lithium battery pack in commercial energy storage

Energy storage technology is closely linked to the development of new energy applications and power grids, which can effectively improve energy utilization efficiency and solve problems such as power supply in remote areas. Therefore, energy storage technology is the key technology that solar and wind power generation needs to be solved when it becomes the main energy source, and it is a key link that cannot be bypassed by the development of new energy. Industry insiders believe that the future of energy storage batteries should be in the wind power and photovoltaic industries, especially the wind power industry that has been laid out in large quantities. Due to the instability of wind resources, the application of lithium battery pack energy storage technology can help smooth the output of wind farms and “shave peaks and fill valleys”.


The small power generation and distribution system composed of distributed power supply, energy storage device, energy conversion device, load, monitoring and protection device, etc., is the main application of the domestic energy storage lithium battery pack system. Distributed generation has the advantages of high energy efficiency, low pollution, high reliability and flexible installation site, but at the same time, it has shortcomings such as strong output power fluctuation and complex control. In order to effectively integrate the advantages of distributed generation, improve the utilization rate of renewable energy, and enhance the stability of the power grid, the energy storage system has received extensive attention from the energy industry.

New energy vehicle charging station

The charging station uses clean energy power supply, through photovoltaic power generation after storing electric energy, photovoltaic, energy storage and charging facilities form a microgrid, intelligent interaction with the public grid according to demand, and can realize two different operation modes of grid-connected and off-grid. The use of energy storage systems can also alleviate the impact on the regional grid when charging piles with high currents. The development of new energy vehicles is inseparable from the construction of charging infrastructure, and the installation of supporting energy storage facilities is conducive to improving the quality of local grid power and increasing the selectivity of charging station sites.

Wind power generation system

From the reality of power grid operation and the long-term interests of large-scale development of wind power, improving the controllability of wind farm output power is an important development direction of wind power generation technology. The introduction of wind power generation technology into the lithium battery pack energy storage system can effectively suppress wind power fluctuations, smooth the output voltage, improve power quality, ensure the grid-connected operation of wind power generation, and promote the utilization of wind energy.

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