GROWATT 2020 New Series MID15KTL3-X MID17KTL3-X MID20KTL3-X 22KTL3-X 25KTL3-X Inverter.

Model Rated AC Output power
MID15KTL3-X 15000W
MID17KTL3-X 17000W
MID20KTL3-X 20000W
MID22KTL3-X 22000W
MID25KTL3-X 25000W
GROWTT New Enegy
GROWTT New Enegy

* Max Efficiency 98.75%

* 40% compact and lighter

* Dual MPP tracker

* Supports export control

* Touch key and OLED dispaly

* Type II SPD on AC and DC side

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