How to realize remote monitoring of lithium battery packs?

Lithium battery (Li-ion battery) is a secondary battery with high energy density formed by one or more battery packs in series, generally referring to lithium-ion batteries. In practical applications, battery packs generally consist of several monomers or several battery packs connected in series. Due to the existence of a single battery pack, the system cannot achieve system functions through a single hardware or a single piece of hardware. In order to solve the above problems, the battery management system software and hardware are generally used to realize the monitoring of the battery pack, that is, the host computer software can be used for remote control; It is also possible to use multiple computers to monitor the battery pack through network communication.

1. The main functions of the lithium battery remote monitoring system are:

By monitoring the battery pack voltage and temperature in real time, grasp the current status in real time; View battery charging and discharging status in real time; Realize online fault alarm, automatically send SMS or phone alarm reminder; Provide remote management interface to grasp the operation of the battery pack at any time.

2. Lithium battery pack monitoring and management

Data acquisition is the process of collecting battery pack information, mainly including voltage, current, temperature, etc. The A/D converter is used to convert these parameters into electrical signals, and then send the signals to the single-chip microcomputer, display and alarm after data processing, and send the alarm information to the gateway through RS485 communication. The gateway sends data to the cloud for management. Data can be viewed remotely on the platform.

3. Remote data viewing

You can view data on the client and display voltage, current, power and other data in the graph. Battery level: According to the set target voltage value, discharge to the specified cut-off value according to the preset target, and then calculate by the voltage-current curve. Battery pack status: You can see the working status of the current battery pack, including: voltage, current, power, and display the corresponding curve; When the battery voltage is lower than the set lower limit, a low voltage alarm is displayed; Battery temperature monitoring: monitor the temperature value for alarm. Through the cloud platform and configuration software, the equipment data can be viewed remotely and real-time through the mobile phone, and the use of big data report analysis is conducive to the administrator to understand the device macroscopically, so as to formulate more optimized and feasible solutions.

4. Lithium battery charge and discharge protection

Lithium battery charge and discharge protection system is mainly composed of hardware and software, by monitoring the current in the battery pack, the battery can be charged and discharged to ensure the normal operation of the battery pack. The lithium battery pack management system realizes the charge and discharge protection function of lithium battery by monitoring the voltage, current and temperature parameters of the battery.

5. Early warning control function

The early warning control function can warn of abnormal conditions of voltage, current and other parameters, and when the abnormal value reaches the set threshold, the system will issue an alarm in time, which can effectively prevent the battery from short circuit, overdischarge and other situations. When the temperature or current is abnormal due to excessive changes in temperature, current or voltage during battery operation, the system will issue a telephone alarm. The lithium battery pack management system realizes real-time monitoring of the working status of the battery pack; Provide a complete battery remote monitoring solution; Advanced control algorithms and equipment are adopted to realize intelligent and efficient battery management; At the same time, it also provides real-time monitoring function, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the equipment; It has laid a solid foundation for improving the management level of battery packs.

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