EITAI Hybrid Solar Power Systems Complete Kits Wall Floor Mounting 5Kw 8Kwatt Hybrid Split Phase With Catl 48Volt Lifepo4 Battery

Split Phase Hybrid Solar Energy System

Split Phase Hybrid Solar Energy System 1

Advantage of hybrid solar power systems

  • Hybrid Solar System combines advantages of on grid solar system and off grid solar system.
  • It connects to grid, you can sell solar power to grid;
  • Also it has batteries backup, so solar power can be stored in batteries for night use or rainy days use.
  • If solar power is not enough, grid can charge batteries and supply power to your load.


Brand Name:EITAI

Solar Panel Type:Monocrystalline Silicon

Controller Type:MPPT

Inverter Type:Split Phase

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Mounting Type:Ground Mounting


Work Time (h):No limited



split phase system 1

Technical Parameter

Split Phase Hybrid Solar Energy System
Megarevo Inverter R8KLNA-US 8KVA / 8KW Split Phase 120Vac&240Vac 1 SETS
Nruit Lithium Battery 48V 176AH 9KWH 2 PCS
Solar Panel MONO 460w Half Cut 144cells 18 PCS
PV Cable-Module to DC Combiner 1x4mm2 300 METERS
Connector MC4 Compatiable 10 PAIRS
PV Tools 1 SETS
Wooden Box For All Products 1 PCS
split phase system



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