EITAI High Voltage Lithium Battery Hybrid Solar System 15 Kw Three Phase GROWATT 10kva Solar Energy System

Three Phase Hybrid Solar Energy System

Three Phase Hybrid Solar Energy System 1

Advantage of hybrid solar power system

  • Hybrid Solar System combines advantages of on grid solar system and off grid solar system.
  • connects to grid, you can sell solar power to grid;
  • has batteries backup, so solar power can be stored in batteries for night use or rainy days use.
  • solar power is not enough, grid can charge batteries and supply power to your load.


Solar panel:MONO/ POLY

Controller Type:MPPT, PWM

Load Power (W): 6KW, 10KW,30KW,50kw

Output Frequency:50/ 60Hz


Brand Name:EITAI


Battery Type:HV Lithium Ion

Mounting Type:Ground Mounting


Three Phase System 2

Technical Parameter

Three Phase Hybrid Solar Energy System
Item Description
Solar Panel MONO 460W
Solar Inverter Growatt Hybrid Inverter 10KW
Solar Bracket Roof Mounting/Ground Mounting
Lithium Battery ELEBOX-HV
Connector MC4 Waterproof
Wire DC Wires
PV Combiner Box Optional
DC Isolator Optional
(any need, please feel free to contact us, we kindly customzie for you as your requrest)
three phase systen



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