Daily FAQ about inverters

1. The power grid is out of power, should the inverter be turned off?

A: It is recommended to close it to avoid shock to the inverter caused by sudden incoming calls.

2. Is the inverter installed indoors or outdoors?

A: Household models are basically designed without fans, both indoors and outdoors; if there is a fan, it is better to be outdoors, so as not to be affected by fan noise. Whether indoors or outdoors, be careful not to have combustibles around.

3. Does the inverter need a network?

A: If the inverter adopts WIFI module, it needs network, if it adopts GPRS module, it does not need network.

4. The snail pattern appeared on my photovoltaic panel after more than a year. Will this phenomenon affect the service life and power generation?

A: There is no good prevention method for snail pattern affecting the power generation. It is recommended to contact the component manufacturer.

5. The power generation displayed by the inverter is lower than the degree of electricity on the meter. Is there any difference?

A: The meter reading does not match the inverter reading, which is caused by the accuracy of the sampling sensor or line loss. Please refer to the power meter and the inverter for reference.

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