EITAI Lead Acid Battery 200Ah Easy Install 100Ah 150Ah Solar Battery 250Ah Residential Use Battery Pack

6-FM-100-250 Series

Lead Acid Batteries 2

Advantage of Lead Acid Battery

  • Support on/off-grid
  • Modular Design: Flexible expandability, plug and play, reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • Self-developed BMS, complex protection, safe and reliable


Brand Name:EITAI

Model Number:6-FM-100~250AH

Battery type:Deep Cycle Solar Gel Battery

Application:Solar System




Model Number:100Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah

Certification:ce, CE/ISO

Short Circuit Current:5000A


Technical Parameter

1. Functional Parameter 5. Environment Temperature
Nominal Voltage 12V Discharge Temperature -20~60℃
Nominal Capacity (10 hour rate) 250Ah Charge Temperature 0~50℃
Number of Cells 6cells Storage Temperature -20~60℃
2. Rated Capacity at 25℃ (77° F) 6. Inner Resistance & Max . Discharge Current
10 hour rate (0.1C, 10.8V) 250Ah Fully Charged battery at 25℃ (77° F) 2.5mΩ
3 hour rate (0.25C, 10.8V) 181Ah Max. Discharge Current 3750A (5s)
1 hour rate (0.55C, 10.5V) 137.6Ah Short Circuit Current 12500A
3. Capacity affected by Temperature (10 hour rate) 7. Self-discharge at 25℃ (77° F)
40℃ (104° F) 103% Capacity after 3 month storage 91%
25℃ (77° F) 100% Capacity after 6 month storage 82%
0℃ (32° F) 85% Capacity after 9 month storage 73%
-15℃ (5° F) 65% Capacity after 12 month storage 64%
4. Dimension and Weight 8. Constant voltage charging at 25℃ (77° F)
Length 520mm Cyclic use 14.4~14.9V
Width 269mm Maximum charging current 62.5A
Height 220mm Temperature compensation -30mV/℃
Total Height 225mm Float use 13.6~13.8V
Reference Weight 70kg Temperature compensation -20mV/℃



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