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ELESHELL14.3K-THC Battery Storage

soalr battery 15kwh

Advantage Of Power-Wall Battery

  • Built-in thermal management system.
  • Built-in thermal fire extinguishing device.
  • Support 1C charge & discharge.
  • Large LCD dispaly.
  • > 10000 times cycle, 10years warranty.


Battery Type:lifepo4 power wall

Warranty:5 Years

IP Rating:IP 65


BMS:YES, (Growatt,Ginlong,Goodwe,INVT,SOFAR)

Application:Off grid/ Hybrid Solar System

Size:510 * 868 * 135mm

Cycle life:> 6000 Times

Operating Voltage:48~57V

Discharge of Depth(DoD):80%

Datesheet ELESHELL14.3K-THC
Nominal Parameters
Voltage 51.2V
Energy 14336Wh
Type of Cooling Liquid cooling
Electrical Parameter
Operating Voltage 46.4-58.2V
Limited Charge Voltage 58.2V
Maximum Discharge Current 250A
Continuous Discharge Current 250A
Maxmium Charge Current 250A
Continuous Charging Current 250A
Core Material LiFePO4
Dimension W/H/T 480mm*950mm*279mm
Machine Weight 116KG
Life (25℃) 10Years
Life cycles (70% DOD, 25℃) >10000 times
Storage Time 3months
Working Temperarure -20℃-55℃
Storage Temperature -40℃-60℃
Network Interface RS485 CAN RS232
IP Grade IP65
Using an altitude <4000M
Warranty 10Years

The principle of thermal management system

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June 20, 2022

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