EITAI Power Wall Lithium Lifepo4 51.2v Home Battery 48V 100Ah 200Ah 5Kwh 10Kwh 20Kwh Batteries for Solar Energy Systems

ELESHELL-LV Battery Storage

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Advantage Of Power-Wall Battery

  • Flexible capability options form 9.6 kWh / 10.2kWh / 14.3 kWh
  • Excellent Safety of cobalt free LiFePO4 battery
  • Easy installation with modular and stacked design
  • Exceptional lifespan, 5/10 years warranty


Battery Type:lifepo4 power wall

Warranty:5 Years

IP Rating:IP 54


BMS:YES, (Growatt,Ginlong,Goodwe,INVT,SOFAR)

Application:Off grid/ Hybrid Solar System

Size:510 * 868 * 135mm

Cycle life:> 6000 Times

Operating Voltage:48~57V

Discharge of Depth(DoD):80%

Technical Parameter

Battery Type LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Nominal Capacity (Ah) 200A.h 200A.h 280A.h
Nominal Voltage (V) 48V 51.2V 51.2V
Total Energy 9600Wh 10240Wh 14336Wh
Depth of Discharge (90%DOD) 8640Wh 9216Wh 12902Wh
Maximum Charging Voltage (V) 54.3V 57.9V 57.9V
End of Voltage (V) 43.5V 46.4V 46.4V
Nominal charging current (A) 100A 100A 100A
Maximum Charging Current (A) 100A 100A 100A
Maximum Charging Power (W) 4800W 5120W 5120W
Working Humidity ≤95%rh
Store Humidity ≤95%rh
Working Altitude ≤2000m
Maximum number of Parallel 15 PCS
Protection Level IP54
Net Weight (Kg) 78KG 80KG 120KG
Dimensions (mm) 519*876*133 519*876*133 412*750*235
Product Certificate CE,ROHS ,UN38.3,MSDS,
Circle Life ≥6000 Times,25℃/0.5C,60%EOL
Communication Port CAN,RS485,RS232
Operating temperature 0℃ ~ 60℃
Storage temperature ≤25℃,12 months;
≤35℃,6 months;
Note: Operating current derating according to the cell voltage and temperature.

Cell Information

battery cell 1 1536x1232 1


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