Introduction for liquid-cooled thermal management battery

1.Temperature effect on the capacity of batteries
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The above is the cyclic test of Shandong Dejin New Energy Science, which is the comparison curve of 0.5C and 1C discharge under high temperature environment and normal temperature environment respectively. Clearly shows that the temperature has a huge impact on the cell, the capacity loss to 80%SOH, the number of cycles in the high temperature environment can only reach about half of the normal temperature environment.

2.Causes of battery high temperature environment
2.1.Ambient temperature
2.2.Heat generated by the operation of the battery cell

The work of the cell is bound to heat up, and the PACK of the cell is destined to be in a fit state between the cell and the cell, and the local temperature of the cell is not consistent due to the different placement of the cell.

3.Liquid-cooled thermal management battery system
3.1.What is liquid cooling technology

Liquid cooling technology is a technology that uses liquid to cool electronic devices. As an efficient way of heat dissipation, it can effectively reduce the temperature of electronic equipment and improve the stability and performance of equipment. At present, liquid cooling technology has been widely used in high-performance, high-efficiency equipment. The principle of liquid cooling technology is to use the high heat capacity and high heat conductivity of the liquid to transfer the heat generated by the electronic device to the liquid, and then take the heat away through the flow of the liquid.

3.2.Our liquid cooling battery system

1. Accurate automatic control of the lithium battery inside the best working temperature of 10 to 35 degrees.
2. The temperature difference between the cells is accurately controlled within 2 degrees.
3. Advanced heat pump technology, heating efficiency is 3 times that of traditional PTC electric heating film.
4. Independent research and development of silicone foam insulation technology, reduce the internal empty space, high temperature control efficiency, good effect, reduce loss, safe and efficient.

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The above chart is a graph of the cell temperature automatically adjusted under the liquid-cooled thermal management system in high and low temperature environments. When the ambient temperature is close to 60 degrees, the internal cell temperature of the battery is automatically adjusted to 40 degrees; When the ambient temperature is close to -20 degrees, the internal cell temperature of the battery is automatically adjusted to 20 degrees. The cooling and warming effects are remarkable.

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4.Liquid cooling products and fields in the market
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Our liquid cooling technology is on the same level as Tesla.

It is understood that JAC, as the earliest enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and application of new energy vehicles in China, has always attached importance to the research and development of automotive technology, scientific and technological innovation, after ten years and seven generations of iterative technological progress, has systematically mastered the key core technologies of electric vehicles – battery modules, motors, electronic control three core technologies and electric steering, electric braking, energy recovery key technologies. The latest liquid cooling technology released at the forum is a major breakthrough in domestic new energy vehicle battery thermal management technology. The technology is independently developed by JAC, and Tesla’s battery thermal management system is at the same level, has reached the world’s leading level, unique in China.

Different from traditional air cooling, no matter the household temperature is as low as minus 30 degrees or higher than 45 degrees, liquid cooling technology can control the temperature of the battery pack between 10-35 degrees, effectively ensure the safety of the battery, and fully protect the vehicle’s driving range and battery life. In the Mohe test of iEV7S, the product can also be charged normally in the ultra-low temperature environment of minus 30 degrees, and the battery life is guaranteed by liquid cooling technology to stimulate the activity of the battery, avoiding the situation that the battery life is reduced in the case of shading. Not only that, the liquid cooling technology can also be preheated in advance through the mobile phone APP to avoid the battery life reduction caused by the vehicle being in a low temperature environment for too long. The breakthrough of liquid cooling technology will better solve the problems such as the reduction of driving range and charging difficulties commonly faced by new energy vehicles at low temperatures, further expand the scope of application of new energy vehicles, and greatly improve the user’s car experience.

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