BMS voltage collection monitoring function

Voltage collection in lithium batteries is achieved by using voltage sensors or voltage measurement equipment. The following are some commonly used lithium battery internal voltage acquisition technologies:

  • Multimeter: A multimeter is a general electrical measurement tool that can be used to measure parameters such as voltage, current, and resistance. By connecting the positive and negative pliers of the multi-purpose meter to the positive and negative terminals of the lithium battery, the voltage value of the battery can be read directly.
  • Voltmeter: A voltage detector is a device specially used to measure voltage and usually has higher measurement accuracy and stability. The appropriate voltage range and measurement accuracy can be selected for voltage collection of lithium batteries.
  • Lithium battery management system (BMS): BMS is a device specially used to monitor and manage lithium batteries, which includes voltage measurement functions. BMS can monitor the voltage of the battery in real time and transmit the data to external devices through the communication interface for further analysis and processing.
  • Voltage sensor: A voltage sensor is a sensor device specifically designed to measure voltage, usually with high accuracy and fast response. A voltage sensor can be installed on the positive and negative terminals of the battery, and the real-time voltage information of the battery can be obtained through the voltage value output by the sensor.
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Generally speaking, the voltage acquisition frequency of common battery BMS is between tens of Hz and hundreds of Hz, and the accuracy is usually between a few mV and tens of mV. This range can meet the needs of most application scenarios, but the specific collection frequency and accuracy need to be determined based on specific project requirements.
The above technologies can select appropriate methods according to actual application requirements and environmental conditions to collect and monitor the voltage within the lithium battery.

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