EITAI Solar Panels System 5000w10kw 15kw 20kw 30kw Off Grid Home Solar Power System With Energy Storage Lithium Battery


  • Off grid system is usually composed of solar panels, connector, inverter, battery and mounting system.
  • Suitable for areas without grid-connected or unstable grid-connected power.
  • Advantages of Off-Grid Solar Systems
    1、You become completely independent from external energy supplies.
    2、You can combine different energy sources such as PV, wind energy and hydropower.
    3、You can expand or change your system on a modular basis at any time.


Model Number:5KW~30KW Off Grid system


Solar Panel Type:Monocrystalline Silicon

Output Frequency:50/60HZ


Inverter:Growatt 0ff-grid Inverter

Battery Capacity:5kwh-100kwh

Solar panel:Mono

Battery Type:Lead-Acid, Lithium Ion, GEL battery

Output Voltage (V):230/400V

Off Grid Solar System
Item Description
Solar module Mono 550W Warranty:10years
Mounting System Customized Roof or Ground Bracket
Inverter 5kW single phase inverter off grid,WiFi,Growatt
Battery LifePO4 Lithium Battery 48V 200AH
DC Switch 2P32Ah
Connector MC4 Waterproof
Wire DC,Battery wires
PV Cable- Combiner BOX Optuonal
DC Isolator Optuonal
550W 1

solar panel

                                   > Brand: EITAI
                                   > Optional Mono/Poly Blue/Black Panels
                                   > 25 years Warranty
                                   > Excellent mechanical load resistance
                                   > PID Resistant,High salt and ammonia resistance

Off Grid Solar Inverter

                                           > Brand:Growatt
                                           > Type: Single Phase Off Grid
                                           > Power: 5KW
                                           > Max.Efficiency 99.7%
                                           > AC Output 220V

3 2

Solar Batteries

                                              > Capacity(kWh): 9.6
                                              > Nominal Voltage(Vdc): 48
                                              > Nominal Capacity(AH): 200
                                              > Depth of Discharge: 90%

Solar Mounting System

                   > Customized for :Rooftop(Flat/Pitched), Ground , Carport etc
                   > Adjustable tile angle from 0 to 65 degree
                   > Tile roof: Aluminium type
                   > Compatible with all solar modules. 


DC Cable & MC4 Connector

                                            > PV Cable 4mm2 6mm2

                                             > MC 4 compatible Connector

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