solar panel washing machine

Solar Panel Washing Machine EITAI C21-7200 PV Module

Solar Panel Washing Machine EITAI C21-7200 PV Module

EITAI C21-7200 PV module cleaning system shows how to clean solar panels for residential/ commercial cleaning services. Which can increase the efficiency of PV stations and save time and cost.

Solar panel washing machine

EITAI Solar Power Washing Equipment Photovoltaic System C21-7200 Solar Panel Cleaning Tool

Solar Panel Cleaning System

Cleaning solar panels on the roof

EITAI Solar Cleaning Machine C21 product is designed for the special environment of the photovoltaic power station.
Suitable for dessert, hills, and photovoltaic power stations. Components are waterless cleaning and water cleaning.
Each person can clean 0.5 to 0.8MW per day.

How often to clean solar panels?

According to measurement, the dirt and dust on the surface of the modules caused an average annual reduction in power generation efficiency of 6%. During the period of lack of rain, the power efficiency loss can reach 15% or more due to accumulated dirt in the surface of the modules.

solar panel washing machine 1

solar panel washing machine 2

solar panel washing machine 3

Product Description : 

Main Features :  

1) Brushless motor: low energy consumption, high power, light-body, low noise
2) Extension rod: each 1.8 M/can be extended/toughness
3) Back – type lithium battery: portable/large power/long life/super long warranty
4) Drive rod: all-aluminum alloy/quality light/extension/unrusted/inner shaft
5) This product has the advantages of light, low cost, high efficiency and wide application scope, so as to provide you with a one-stop solution for photovoltaic power station

Product Name C21-7200
Item Parameters Remarks
Working Mode Motor/ Manual
Operating Voltage 24V
Charging Voltage 110V/220V Customized
Motor Power 220W
Battery Capacity 20AH
Idle electric current 7.8A
Idler Revolutions 500-600RPM
Battery Life 3-4H Affected by work environment
Length of Telescopic Rod 2-7.2m 1800mm/Rod
Length of Brush Roll 570mm
Diameter of Brush Roll 150mm
Work Efficiency 0.5-0.8MWP
Temperature Range -30°–60°C
Water Pressure 0.1-0.3Mpa Running water pressure
 HS Code 8424899990
Weight 14KG
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