Why install a residential solar system

With the gradual popularization of solar photovoltaic, people gradually understand and recognize this new thing. Pieces of blue roofs are propped up, slowly extending to every corner of the world map.
What is the magical power of distributed photovoltaic roofs that can be popular all over the world?

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Reason 1: Changes in the energy structure

Due to the large-scale development and utilization of fossil energy over the years, a series of difficulties such as resource shortage, environmental pollution, and climate change have been caused. The importance of energy structure reform has become increasingly prominent!

The world’s attention is gradually turning to the bounty of nature “green energy”, such as clean and renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, and water energy. With the goal of “clean energy as the mainstay and fossil energy as the supplementary”, under the strong support of the state, it is being realized step by step. However, green energy such as wind energy and water energy has relatively high requirements on site conditions and natural conditions, so solar energy is more suitable for urban development. With just a roof and sunlight to generate electricity, this is definitely the best choice for a home power station!

Reason 2: cooling and heat insulation

Because the heat-absorbing properties of the solar panels themselves ensure that the roof itself is not exposed to the sun, the house also maintains a relatively cool constant temperature, achieving a real power-saving effect. Therefore, when the temperature is 35 degrees in summer, with the heat insulation of distributed photovoltaic, the indoor temperature drops to 30 degrees instantly. Save money on air-conditioning bills for large power-consuming households, and your monthly bills will be quite a lot in an instant.


Reason 3: Change Environmental Pollution

With the emergence of extreme weather in recent years, haze and sandstorms are raging. Environmental problems are increasingly becoming a problem that we cannot ignore! As the main force of energy for many years, coal power has brought a lot of damage to our environment. And a good industrial economy will definitely form a broad and deep cluster effect. For example, fat people all over the world are losing weight, so the industrial economy of gyms, vegetable salads, and low-fat milk will be particularly prosperous.

The same is true for photovoltaics, which have changed the long-standing energy structure of mankind, cut off the dominance of coal power, and achieved a clean standard of zero emissions, so that the entire earth will not be polluted by various gases and harmful substances , How can such a resource full of positive energy not be sought after and utilized!

How much impact can a small photovoltaic panel have on the environment? For example, a small distributed power generation system with an installed capacity of 3 kilowatts has an annual power generation of 3650 kWh and can generate 91250 kWh in 25 years, which is equivalent to saving 36.5 tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 94.9 tons, and reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 0.8 tons. It is conceivable that when solar photovoltaics prop up the roof of our city, the corresponding sky will be bluer!

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