EITAI Solar Cleaning High Efficiency Remote Control Cleaner Machine B12 Water Pipe Roller Brushes Automatic Pv Panel Cleaning Robot

B12 Solar Clean Machine Series


Advantage Of clean Machine B12 series

  •  Easy to operate and maintain, easy to use, and the whole process is operated by one person through a dedicated remote control.
  • High work efficiency, one device can clean 0.8-1.2Mwp photovoltaic modules a day.
  • According to the user’s needs, it can be dry-cleaned or water-connected.


Model Number:B12 Solar Clean Machine

Working Mode:Remote Control

Power Supply Mode:Lithium Battery

Working Speed:11-12m/min



Operate voltage:24V

Cleaning Brush:PVC/Single Roller

Control System:Switch /Remote Control

Working Efficiency:0.8-1.2MWP


Technical Parameter

Item Technical Parameter
Work Mode Remote Control
Operating Voltage 24V
Power Supply Mode Lithium Battery
Motor Power 50W
Lithium Battery 29.4V/20AH
Idler Revolutions 400-500r
Walking Mode Walking Motor Drive Walking Tracks
Cleaning Brush PVC/ Single Roller
Length Of Brush Roller 1700mm
Diameter Of Brush Roller 130mm
Working Temperature -30℃-70℃
Working Speed 11-12m/min
Battery Life 3-4h
Working Efficiency Per Day 0.8-1.2MWp
Size 1820*500*190mm
Weight 37kg



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