What benefits will solar photovoltaic power generation bring to enterprises?

Solar photovoltaic power generation: a technology that directly converts solar energy into electrical energy, called photovoltaic power generation technology. Solar energy is inexhaustible. As long as there is sunlight, there is electricity at any time. Enterprises use the advantages of building roofs to build photovoltaic power stations, which are safe, reliable, noiseless and pollution-free, not only play the role of power generation, but also increase the aesthetic feeling of buildings and create benefits for enterprises.


1. Short construction period and long-term benefits of solar power generation system

It can operate efficiently and stably for more than 25 years, thus bringing long-term stable benefits to enterprises. Photovoltaic power generation system has become the standard configuration of enterprises in the new era.

2. Large area laying of photovoltaic panels on the roof has heat insulation effect

The photovoltaic Panels established a thermal insulation layer for the roof of the enterprise, which improves the thermal insulation condition of the roof, increases the air flow in the middle and reduces the direct sunlight, effectively reduces the plant temperature by 3-5 degrees for the top floor, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also reduces the internal temperature of the plant, improves the working environment of workers, and reduces the cost of cooling in summer.

3. Revitalize fixed assets and increase enterprise income

Some productive enterprises have roofs ranging from thousands of square meters to tens of thousands of square meters. After photovoltaic is installed on the roofs of enterprises, these large idle sites become valuable resources, activate the fixed assets of enterprises, and increase more income for enterprises.

4. Save peak electricity charges and sell surplus electricity online

After the roof photovoltaic power generation is installed, the peak power cost is saved for the enterprise (more peak power generation in the daytime), which can fully meet the electricity demand of the enterprise in the daytime, so that the enterprise will no longer bear the high peak and average electricity prices, and save the electricity cost. In this way, photovoltaic power generation not only solves the power consumption problem of the enterprise itself, but also creates new economic benefits for the enterprise.

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