Solar Panel Cleaning Robot C21 3.6M 5.4M 7.2M Automatic Machine With Rotating Brush For Customized

C21 Solar panel Clean Machine

C21 solar cleaning machine
  • Suitable for desert, hills, photovoltaic power station.
  • The water cleaning brush has the characteristics of low water consumption, strong atomization and high conversion rate.
  • The brush head is light, the point of attachment is accurate, the disturbance power is large, and the cleaning power is strong.
  • Each person can clean 0.5 to 0.8MW per day.




Application:Solar Panel

Work Efficiency:0.5-0.8MWP/DAY/PC

Charing Voltage:110/200V



Crulsing Duration:3-4H

Moto Power:200W

Battery Charge Time:8-10H

Technical Parameter

Item Technical Parameter
Work Pattan Machine/Manual Work
Utilization Voltage 24V
Charging Voltage 110V/200V
Motor Power 200W
Battery Capacity 20Ah
Idle electric current 7-8A
Idler Revolutions 500-600RPM
Battery Life 3-4h
Length of Telescopic Rod 2-7.2m
Length of Brush Roll 570mm
Diameter of Brush Roll 150mm
Work Efficiency 0.5-0.8MWp
Weight 11.5KG



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