Spanish power company Endesa SA said it is currently building a 497-megawatt wind and solar power plant in Spain’s Castile-La Mancha region. Its renewable energy division, Enel Green Power Espana, is leading the effort.

The new capacity will be spread across three wind farms and five solar farms, all of which will start operating by the end of 2022. Of the five projects, the construction of the Campillo I, II and III wind farms is at the most advanced stage since construction began at the beginning of the year, with a total installed capacity of 259 MW between the three wind farms.

Once operational, Campillo trio will be Endesa’s largest wind farm in Spain, the company said.

In early March, Endesa began construction of the Minglanilla I and II solar power plants, which together will generate 99.62 MW. This week, it launched Calatrava, Iberia Power and Ninobe Solar in the city of Castile-La Mancha in Manzanares.

The power company is currently preparing for the upcoming construction of two new solar power plants, Encina al Sol and Estrella solar, in the central region of Spain, which will increase their combined capacity by 71.5 MW. The next projects in the Endesa Castilian solar project are the 117 MW Rocinant solar project due for completion in 2023, and the permitting of the 120 MW project in Manzanares.

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