The UK people’s support for photovoltaic systems hits a new high

According to a recent poll conducted by the British People’s Attitudes Tracker, 88% of people support the use of renewable energy in the UK, including photovoltaic systems, exceeding last year’s high of 84%, while only 2% of people are opposed.

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The survey was conducted this autumn and the findings were released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on December 15. 74% of Britons believe renewable energy is good for the UK economy.

Several industry organizations have also recently highlighted the economic benefits of photovoltaic systems. The UK’s Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit has announced that photovoltaic systems can give residential users access to free electricity for 19 years.

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The British Photovoltaic Association said that by combining photovoltaic systems with battery energy storage systems, it can improve the cost-effectiveness of home users, and British household users can save £40,000 in electricity costs over the life of their photovoltaic systems. Cornwall A new report from Insight and British law firm Weightmans agrees with Solar Energy’s findings claim significant cost savings in co-locating PV systems and battery energy storage systems.

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The survey shows that support for renewable energy is growing in the UK, while concerns about climate change persist. 83% of Britons are worried about climate change, while the number of people who are “very concerned” rose by 6% to 45%.

Dan, CEO of the British Photovoltaic Association “Polls conducted today make it clear that the vast majority of people want us to build more onshore and offshore wind farms to generate cheap electricity, improve energy security, and combat climate change,” McGrail said. Innovative technologies such as floating wind facilities, tidal energy and green hydrogen also play an important role as we need to maximize the use of local clean energy to achieve net-zero targets and energy independence as quickly as possible. ”

Such high levels of public support need to be fully reflected in government policies. The UK plans to begin publishing key details of the next round of clean energy contract auctions and negotiate future rounds of discussions. It is vital that we ensure that we get as much new capacity as possible at sustainable prices at our annual auctions, and in a way that allows our supply chain to grow across the country. Therefore, new parameters need to be carefully set to enhance investor confidence.”

Since the Energy Transition Readiness Public support for renewable energy in the UK has grown after a new study by Index argues that the UK is “lagging” behind other European countries, and a similar report by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) raises serious questions about the UK’s ability to reach net-zero targets by 2050.

Earlier this month, for example, British energy group Community Energy England joined forces with major retailers to support investment in photovoltaic systems.

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