EITAI Powerwall Lithium Battery Solar Storage 51.2V 100Ah 5.12Kwh 10.24Kwh Lifepo4 Wall Mount Battery For Househald

WALV 5120-10240 Battery Storage

new design 5.12kwh 1

Advantage of 51.2V Wall-Mount Battery

  • Wall-mount Type.
  • Long service life of up to ten years.
  • Support multiple inverter communication.
  • Support multiple parallel connections for capacity expansion.


Brand Name: EITAI

Battery Type: Lithium Ion, LiFePO4

Battery Capacity: 10.24Kwh-25.6Kwh

Voltage Range: 51.2V

Apllication: Solar Energy Storage System

Cycle life: 6000 Times

Warranty: 5YEARS

Size: 421.6*680*172.5

Features: Long Cycle Life

Shipping: Sea

Model WALV-5K WALV-10.2K
Nominal Parameters
Voltage 51.2V 51.2V
Energy 5.12kWh 10.24kWh
Type of cooling Natural cooling Natural cooling
Electrical Parameter
Operating Voltage 46.4V-58.2V 46.4V-58.2V
Limited Charge Voltage 58.2V 58.2V
Maximum Discharge Curent 100A (60s) 100A
Continuous Discharge Current 50A 100A
Maximum Charge Cunrent 100A (60s) 100A
Continuous Charging Current 50A 100A
Core Material LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Dimension W/HT mm 421.6*680*172.5 421.6*635*258.5
Machine Weight 85kg 110kg
Life cycles (80% DOD, 25C) >6000 >6000
Storage Timme 3 month 3 month
Working Temperature 0°C-55°C 0°C-55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C-55°C -40°C-55°C
Network interface RS485/CAN/RS232 RS485/CAN/RS232
IP Grade IP65 IP65
Using an altitude <4000M <4000M
Warranty 5 Years 5 Years
CE, IEC62619(Cell&Pack), UL1973,CEC,UN38.3

Cell Information

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