Why choose lithium-ion battery?

What is a lithium battery?

Lithium battery is a kind of battery, which refers to the battery whose cathode material is lithium metal or ion alloy and uses non-aqueous electrolyte solution. Generally, lithium batteries are used in electric vehicles, photovoltaic systems and other large equipment. However, due to its active chemical characteristics and high requirements for the environment, processing and preservation, lithium batteries are not widely used.


In addition to lithium batteries, there are lead-acid batteries. Compared with lead-acid batteries, the two types of batteries are more mature in technology and cheaper in price. Although lithium battery has better advantages, the technology of lithium battery is not yet mature. Therefore, in many cases, they still choose to use other batteries instead of lithium batteries.

Lead Acid Batteries 2

The biggest difference between lithium battery and lead-acid battery is their performance. They are already very different in internal structure, and their materials are also different. When the lead-acid battery works, the internal reaction is mainly that the positive pole decomposes into carbon dioxide and the negative pole decomposes into lead. However, if the battery is not fully charged frequently, sulfurization may occur. The lithium battery will not produce too many other components during the charging process, and its service life will be longer than that of the acid battery.


In terms of safety, when the lead-acid battery is impacted by the outside world, the internal substances may undergo chemical reactions, and the reactions of these substances are likely to cause explosions. However, the structure of lithium battery is relatively more stable, which is less prone to chemical reactions, so it is relatively safer.

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